Welcome to Free Indeed: Where escapees from legalism are always welcomed with open arms!

Ten years ago, I escaped a very legalistic and destructive church. Some would call it a cult and they would not be incorrect. About five years ago, God put it in my heart to write about my experiences. You have arrived at the culmination of this vision.

I started this blog in the hopes of writing a book. This blog is my notepad and I will include ideas, brainstorming and even updates on my progress.

The book will chronicle my history in this church, beginning with accepting Christ and walking from a new Christian to a cult member to my ultimate escape. The purpose of writing my book is as such:

  1. This is self therapy. I am not expecting perfection, that is God’s job. I desire healing. Grace is both an instant work and a progressive work. Part of that work of healing is writing about it.
  2. I want to help others who have been trapped or are currently trapped in a cult or a legalistic “un-Christian” doctrine.
  3. I want to start a conversation about unhealthy teachings that grow into un-Christian doctrines of devils. I have met so many people and families that won’t go to church because they have been hurt inside the sanctuary of a so called Christian building.

My hope is that this book and blog will grow into a ministry. Thank you for reading and I look forward to your feedback and your prayers.

God bless you!



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